Christine Allsopp - 3 x BAFTA nominated Make-up & Hair Designer - RTS nominee 2012

WELCOME to my online portfolio.

Below is Maxine Peake in the soon to be released feature film "The Falling" from Independent/Camp Films directed by Carol Morley.  The film also stars Maisie Williams and Greta Scacchi.

Carol wanted Maxine to look completely different to any of her previous roles with a total change of hair colour.  So I suggested she become a redhead and to save money I thought we could re-use the wig I commissioned for Vanessa Redgrave for "The Thirteenth Tale".  I had it altered (2 week lead time for prep) to fit Maxine as their head sizes and hairlines were very different.  Instead of costing £2,800 it cost just a snip at £750. You might think, why a wig?  After all, can't an actress just dye her hair?  Well actually no, not when filming another project at the same time as busy actresses often are, and not when their hair has been 'lifted' as the colour would grab.  An actresses hair is sacrosanct, it mustn't be ruined, it is important to take good care of it.  This is why wigs are so often necessary to create a variety of looks in an actresses work.  I pride myself in making sure the actor is always wearing the wig which is completely believable - and not a bad wig wearing the actor thereby causing distraction from their performance because it looks so bad. 

I styled it straight up off Maxine's nape in a tomb like beehive, exactly what Carol our director wanted to symbolise a tomb like structure.  Everyone was thrilled that you couldn't see it was a wig, just Maxine in an extraordinary hairstyle to show the character's skill as a hairdresser and controlling, neurotic tendencies.


My artist Matthew Modine in "Full Metal Jacket"
Working with Stanley Kubrick was an incredible experience and at the end of my contract he said "You did a great job." and I was given a shared single card credit at the front of the movie.  When I arrived on the production 2 weeks into filming, Stanley had already fired 2 Chief Make-up Artists and after a few days he asked if I would stay, and I took on Matthew's make-up among others.


Vanessa Redgrave in a red wig I commissioned for
"The Thirteenth Tale", also starring Olivia Coleman.

Eileen Atkins in "Upstairs Downstairs" which I designed in
2010 in a wig made especially for the production.

To the left is a list of productions, most of which have a gallery of my work.  They are initially listed most recent first, but then my favorites take precedent.  Enjoy.

I have been asked to do prosthetic make-ups without prosthetics - just by painting - here's an example for which I won an RTS nominaation.

In 2014 I have been doing dailies on principals on the feature "London Road" and "Staircase" a KFC commercial for Pulse Films which requires ageing work taking a series of actors from Age 5 to 80.

I specialize in doing wigs which look so real sometimes even crew are not aware the actor is wearing them.  Here is Martin Freeman in one I was asked to commission and dress in the style of a 'jewfro' (director's words).

Martin Freeman a wig for the younger 'Martin' in the film, a "jewfro" wig (director's word) I commissioned as requested by the director.

Michelle Williams - in a wig I commissioned for "Incendiary"
a wig as her own hair was very short.

My last feature was "The Falling" produced by Luc Roeg and Cairo Cannon starring Maisie Williams and Maxine Peake.  I was asked to create a look for Maxine that was completely different from any look she has worn before.  This is a wig dressed in an impressive beehive which in the director Carol Morley's words is a metaphor for the ultimate tomb and control she excercies over the memories of an early experience of rape.

THE FALLING - A Feature Film
Producers Cairo Cannon and Nick Roeg.
Written and Directed by Carol Morley

THE FALLING tells the story of Lydia, the troubled girl at the centre of a mysterious fainting epidemic, who is determined to discover the cause of the malady spreading through her British all-girl school in 1969, a year when the whole world seems poised on the brink of change. Carol expresses a unique voice with this unusual film which is sensitively observed in the most mind-boggling detail.  The film was shot by Parisien DOP Agnes Goddard on HD with antique prime lenses.

Early in 2013 I had the pleasure of working with David Heyman (Gravity), Rosie Allison and Norma Heyman on "The Thirteenth Tale" a single drama for the BBC. 

As Make-up, Wig & Hair designer, I was sent to New York to meet our star Vanessa Redgrave and take her head shape for this wig described in the script as being of a colour 'not found in nature'.  James Kent said to me on the last day "You exceeded my expectations". It also starred Olivia Coleman, Sophie Turner and Antonia Clarke with red hair required for several members of the cast achieved with extensions, wigs & hair colouring for which I teamed up with Liz Edmonds head colourist at Daniel Galvin. 

I also do special effects and facial hair to an exceptionally high standard. 

Cat and 9 Tails whipping on "Hornblower", A prostitute left for dead for Ep.3 of "Trial and Retribution" and wounds on black skin - a system I invented in the mid-1990's for "Sean Devereux - the Dying of the Light".

Straight no-make-up make-up on Rory and a sun-kissed warmth for George Asprey.

The first fully wrapped sikh beard on Art Malek at 3 days notice assembled on the actors face as it was requested so late there wasn't time to have one made to measure as would normally be the case.

I hope you enjoy your browse.  I have always wanted to do interesting, thin convincing work and enjoy!

If you have come to this site as the result of a direct approach from me, I can be reached directly on my mobile 07973 406067.

DOWNTON ABBEY - Christmas Day Special
In the Summer of 2013 I had the pleasure of working for Magi Vaughan on the "Downton Abbey" Christmas Special to be shown on Christmas Day.  It was a fabulous experience and everyone looked wonderful, truly breathtaking. It was an amazing team, so elegant, hard-working and talented.  Magi showed me how she likes to airbrush on the foundations which was a real eye-opener and a treat.   

Executive Producers David Hayman ("Gravity") & Norma Hayman
Directed by James Kent "The White Queen" and Produced by Rosie Allison
Starring Vanessa Redgrave, Olivia Coleman.
In May/June/July this year I was contracted to design the hair and make-up for this Single Drama to be screened at Christmas.  Based on the novel by the same name, it  this mystery story posed particular challenges regarding hair colour and texture.  The red-headed family required wigs, double wigs, colouring both permanent and semi-permanent, moussed daily temporary colour - all sorts to bring to the screen a range of red heads that would be believed as a family.  Along with numerous make-up effects this was a busy production with much to accomplish on a tight budget.

For my work availability please call me direct on +44 (0) 7973 406067

Ever since my first days working in the Film Industry I have wanted to do interesting work.  It is important to me to be able to deliver good work.  I have been blessed to have done just that, working on a great variety of design concepts and budgets.  This portfolio presents my favorite work showcasing Period, Stylised, Gritty, Contemporary, Casualty, Prosthetics, Effects, Ageing, Wigs and Facial Hair (including the first false fully wrapped Sikh beard seen on British TV.  As a result of working in Africa a lot in the 1980's I invented a unique, new way of doing wounds on black skin. I am passionate, realistic and practical about my work and its delivery.  If you are a producer who cares about the quality of the look and would like some input in advanced pre-production about how to achieve what you're looking for I'd be delighted to hear from you and discuss your project.

I've worked in Kenya (3) - once under canvass, Ghana (2), Israel (2), Hungary (2), Yugoslavia (2), Turkey, Greece, Dominica, Jamaica, Nassau and the South of France.  I speak good, useful French.  My goal is always to create thin, cinematic, high-quality work that helps Directors and actors tell their story.  I'm interested in the detail of character arcs and characterisation.  The trick is knowing which artistic decisions deliver cinematic quality and which do not, where money needs to be spent and where it can be saved.

As time is valuable, to Quick Start your visit here are some tips on how things are laid out.

On the left are listed some films on which I have been the Chief Make-up Artist, Make-up and Hair Designer, or in the case of more recent credits, where I have been on the team of another Designer. 

Most recent work is at the top going back in time as you go down the list.

Each production has a GALLERY of photos.  Click to enlarge and click again to close and move on.

I took most of the photos with permission from Production for use in my portfolio.  Copyright rests firstly with the production and secondly with me, all rights are reserved.

I am in the process of writing the brief for each production to explain the work required for each project.  If the Make-up and Hair department do their job well, you shouldn't 'see' their work because it should just support the story - it should be invisible, not distracting.  The actors should wear the hair and make-up, not the other way around. Consequently the work can go unappreciated.  So just in case you miss the "not so obvious", it will be revealed in the brief. 

On "Casanova" some of the make-up and hair was designed to 'show off' or make an impression.  "Casanova" was definitely a case of going for it and breaking out of the normal faithful of period drama.  In fact the producers told me they wanted to hire me BECAUSE I would break the rules.

Trailers exist for most productions exist on YouTube.  For copyright reasons I have only supplied the link which you will need to copy and paste at YouTube yourself.   Uploading the trailer to this site would be illegal.  Perhaps when I am able to obtain written permission from producers to include video clips they could be included for your convenience.  Until then it's copy and paste I'm afraid.  Please return to this site to view other galleries.

I HOPE you enjoy your visit and that you will get in touch for a meeting regarding your current or future productions.  After 30 years of doing my work I still love it and care about the finished product.  However, I am also aware that we shoot schedules as well as works of art.

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