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 Some Producer and Director endorsements

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you so please feel free to have anyone contact me or Rosie in support ..... I am happy to speak to anyone who does."  All the best, David   (David Heyman - Producer of "The Thirteenth Tale" and the "Harry Potter" films).

"You exceeded my expectations" - James Kent (Director) on my last day on "The Thirteenth Tale"

and who is also happy to be a referee.

"You did a great job"

Were a few of Stanley's words to me on my last day on "Full Metal Jacket"

"Genius!  I love it!" 

Farren Blackburn (Director) on this, my 2nd Polus make-up test for "The Fades"

"The challenges set by 'The Fades' for all departments, not least of all Prosthetics, Hair and Make-Up were immense but Christine rose to those challenges and beyond with spectacular results."

Farren Blackburn - Director of "The Fades"

Publicity poster photo for BBC3's "Casanova".  Nina Sosanya, David Tennant and Laura Fraser, for which I was nominated for a BAFTA.  Photo used with kind permission of the BBC for portfolio use.

About the photos on this site.

Most of the photos on this site were taken by me of work done by my own hand.  ALL make-up work and most hair work was done under my umbrella as HOD.  Some photos are scans from photos I was given by production which were 'artist approved' for publicity and my portfolio use at the time of filming.  In the 80's this was how one built a portfolio and I'm inferring the permission carries over to this format. 

Some are from ad hoc sources and I am happy to give credit or remove any images if notified.  Meanwhile I continue to seek permissions and license images on an ongoing basis.    

All images are copyrighted - all rights reserved.    

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